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Name: Bombardier
Continuity: Transformers Prime
Allegiance: Decepticon
Preferred Combat tactics: Demolition/Grenadier
Alt Form: Police Bomb-Squad Truck

Main Weapon:
Grenade Launcher: Energy weapon that fires a main charge along with six surrounding "bomblettes" that explode around the main charge to widen the area of devastation. This weapon possesses massive splash damage potential. The weapon's shot has a slight arc to it.
Sub Weapons:
Shovel: Great for digging holes, or smacking Autobots upside the head.
Fragmentation/Sticky/Cryogenic/EMP/Incineration grenades: Carries upwards of fifty grenades at any one time of differing types. Has great aim with his throws.
Shield Gauntlet: Portable light energy shield for protection from light arms fire and close range explosions. Can be used to bitch-slap an opponent if necessary.

Appearance: White and black police palette with a black "construction" hard hat. Square, blocky face with yellow eyes. Breakdown-sized build, but shorter.

Bio: While a first impression of Bombardier would paint him as a jolly, good-natured mech this attitude is only a light shroud around the madness that lies within his spark. Completely amoral, he only cares about building the next, biggest bomb, and then finding the best place to set it off. Collateral damage is a term that simply does not exist in his vocabulary, although he is not stupid enough to set off his explosives where they would damage his allies. Although this is very rarely a problem, because even fellow Decepticons tend to keep their distance from the mech known universally as "The Mad Bomber," a nickname he embraces wholeheartedly.
Previously on Earth to study the effects and, more importantly, the building process behind a nuclear bomb, Bombardier re-enlisted under Lord Megatron for the chance to fling more explosives at the Autobots, a pastime he has missed dearly. Plus, there is always the possibility that he will be deployed to a heavily populated city-center…
I'm just cranking out the Con's. But this one likes bombs.

Goodbye cruel world. :iconexplosionplz:
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September 2, 2012
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